We have the definitive database of repertoires from multiple species. Contact us for collaboration opportunities, or view our next generation antibody discover libraries designed from natural fitness landscapes.

We maintain a massive database of all antibody and TCR solved structures and structural models. See below for a helpful collection of solved structures for monoclonal therapeutics. For a larger collection of all solved structures of antibodies and immunoglobulin super domains, see the complete list

pertuzumab [1s78]
cetuximab [1yy8]
rituximab [2osl]
omalizumab [2xa8]
matuzumab [3c08]
efalizumab [3eo9]
ofatumumab [3giz]
nimotuzumab [3gkw]
ustekinumab [3hmw]
sonepcizumab [3i9g]
basiliximab [3iu3]
motavizumab [3ixt]
daclizumab [3nfp]
ibalizumab [3o2d]
motavizumab [3qwo]
ponezumab [3u0t]
anti-dengue [3uyp]
anti-dengue [3uze]
adalimumab [3wd5]
olokizumab [4cni]
tanezumab [4edw]
infliximab [4g3y]
canakinumab [4g5z]
gevokizumab [4g6k]
trastuzumab [4hjg]
trastuzumab [4hkz]
lebrikizumab [4i77]
trastuzumab [4ioi]
natalizumab [4irz]
motavizumab [4jlr]
onartuzumab [4k3j]
cetuximab [4kro]
pertuzumab [4llu]
bezlotoxumab [4np4]
drozitumab [4od2]

We have build our leadership in repertoire analysis and engineering through a decade of aggressive research and publication. See a complete selection of our publications.